TRM Australia excels in constructing new furnaces and managing plant shutdowns for detailed refractory maintenance. Our expertise encompasses the removal of old linings and the installation of new ones, supported by rigorous inspections and expert consultations. While we supply materials, our primary commitment is to lead as installers, offering advanced planning, precise budgeting and complete maintenance solutions.

New Furnace Construction

TRM Australia prides itself on providing custom-engineered furnace construction, designed to meet the unique demands of each client’s industry. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with decades of expertise to deliver highly efficient, tailored solutions. We are dedicated to achieving peak performance, significantly extending the service life of furnaces and ensuring enhanced durability that withstands the rigours of any high-temperature industrial application, thereby solidifying the productivity and operational longevity of our clients’ investments.

TRM Australia excels in the design and fabrication of refractory systems, offering bespoke solutions that are meticulously engineered to meet the stringent demands of various industrial sectors. Our approach marries innovation with robust construction techniques to deliver highly efficient and durable refractory installations. We emphasise precision and adaptability in our designs to ensure each system enhances operational performance, withstands extreme conditions and extends the longevity of the equipment, providing our clients with a competitive edge in their respective industries.

At TRM Australia, our expertise in existing furnace repair focuses on extending the life and efficiency of your critical equipment. Through comprehensive services, we meticulously overhaul refractory linings and restore furnace integrity. Our tailored approach adapts to the evolving operational demands of your industry, ensuring that each repair enhances furnace performance, safety and longevity. We commit to turning potential downtimes into uptime, preserving your productivity and safeguarding against future disruptions with our reliable repair solutions.

A glowing hot kiln with an open door exposing the bright orange interior. A person's hand is holding a metal rod, inserting it into the kiln. The outer surface of the kiln appears aged with patches of soot and discoloration.

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