Kiln Collapse Disrupts Production

A critical situation unfolded at a Queensland facility when the roof lining of a brick kiln unexpectedly gave way, halting production by blocking the path of loaded kiln cars. In urgent need of repair, the facility operators reached out for quotations. The responses they received were daunting – with estimates starting at a steep $500,000 and repair timelines extending to an entire month. This predicament not only threatened the operational efficiency of the plant but also posed a significant financial and time investment, putting the operators in a position where a swift and cost-effective resolution was imperative.
Upon reviewing the situation, TRM Australia's bid stood out at an exceptionally lower $40,000, with a promise to resolve the issue within three days. Scepticism arose regarding our remarkably lower bid but our reputation for integrity spoke for us. Our detailed inspection had revealed that the kiln's refractory roof was surprisingly intact. The real issue was the heat-distorted steel beams that failed to support the structure. Our solution was straightforward: replace the compromised beams, secure the roof bricks, fill in the expansion joints and bolster the system with additional insulation. This strategic approach tackled the root of the problem without unnecessary expenditures. 
The job was completed in just three days, minimising downtime and saving the client from excessive costs. Our approach, focusing on honesty, integrity and the refractory's 'big picture', provided a result 10 times faster and cheaper than competitors.

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